FirstREX gives home owners and buyers smart new financing alternatives.  Neither a lender nor a bank, FirstREX makes long term equity investments in individual homes through two innovative products: REX HomeBuyer, which helps people purchase homes, and the REX Agreement, which allows current homeowners to tap their home equity without interest or monthly payments.
FirstREX, Real Estate Investments, San Francisco, CA
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REX HomeBuyer helps people buy homes.

A new source of down payment funding without interest or monthly payments.
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Leadership Team

The FirstREX Team

To bring to market this entirely new approach to equity finance, the FirstREX team draws on a deep and wide range of relevant expertise and management talent.  At FirstREX, visionaries in investment management, product development, and financial technology are joined by committed and innovative real estate and consumer finance experts. From our founder to our newest team members, we’re well versed in the challenges and opportunities facing homeowners and homebuyers.

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For Home Buyers


REX HomeBuyer provides funding for up to half of a borrower’s down payment on a home purchase. Because the funding is an equity investment – not a loan or subsidy, there is no interest and the homeowner makes no monthly payments. Instead, FirstREX earns a return on its investment equal to a share of the profit or loss when the home is eventually sold, which can be up to 30 years in the future. The program expands the options of qualified homebuyers who do not have enough cash for a down payment or want to retain some of their cash for other needs.
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For Homeowners


The REX Agreement enables current homeowners to convert a portion of their home equity to a lump-sum cash payment. In return, FirstREX receives the opportunity to share in the gain or loss on the home when the homeowner decides to sell. Unlike refinancing a mortgage or taking out a home equity loan, the REX Agreement enables homeowners to convert their home equity into cash without incurring debt. The cash can be used for any purpose, including reducing debt, remodeling the home, planning for retirement, paying for a child’s education or anything else you can imagine. Best of all, you pay no interest charges on the money you receive, and you make no monthly payments to FirstREX for the life of the REX Agreement.

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